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TekApps Expense is online expense reporting software, tailor-made for businesses worldwide to automate expense report creation, streamline approvals and make swift reimbursements.

Capture receipts effortlessly

All you need is a smartphone with the TekApps Expense app. Users can click a picture of the receipt and an expense will be created automatically.

  • Auto-scan receipts
  • Track business mileage
  • Connect debit/credit card for automatic feeds
  • Create multi-currency expenses

Auto-scan receipts

Creating expenses and adding them to reports is automatic with receipt auto-scan and expense report automation.

Reconcile corporate cards automatically

Directly fetch corporate card feeds from card providers and reconcile the transactions with expenses automatically.

Simplify multi-level approvals

Build sophisticated, multi-stage, and automatic approval flows so that all expenses are examined properly.

Audit expense reports better

With a dedicated audit trail report, audit expenses effectively and ensure there are no phony expenses, come tax season.

Automate expense accounting

Expense data can be synced automatically with your accounting software, enabling effective expense accounting.

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